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Patient Pre-Operative Education

Pre-Operative Testing & Medical Clearance

Before your spine surgery, it is necessary to have blood work done and a urine test. If it has been some time since you have seen your primary physician and you have a lot of medical problems, you should see your medical doctor ASAP before your surgery date:

  1. Take the packet and orders to your primary care provider for the required clearance for your surgery.
  2. Have your primary care provider send us a note of clearance and the results for the attached testing.
  3. Please fax results ATTN: Dr. Jun S. Kim to (212) 636-3102 or email it to Kalli.Barrett@mountsinai.org and Mark.Henry@mountsinai.org

Medications to Avoid Before & After Surgery

Medications that increase the chances that you will bleed excessively after surgery:

Herbal supplements that can also affect bleeding:

Pre-Operative Appointment with Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim requires that all patients see him within 30 days of their surgery date. If a pre-op appointment hasn’t been made for you already, please call (877) 636-7846 to schedule this appointment. You may want to consider coordinating your pre-operative appointment with Dr. Kim and any additional testing that needs to be completed at one of our facilities.

Blood Type and Screen

For patients having larger surgeries, you will be required to have a type and screen (your blood type) drawn at Mount Sinai West prior to your surgery. This allows the hospital to cross-match your blood prior to your procedure so they can make sure that there is blood available for your surgery, if needed. The lab is walk-in. You can complete this test before or after your pre-operative appointment with Dr. Kim. If you are unsure if you need to complete this test or not, please ask Kalli Barrett.

Getting Your Home Ready

Before you have spinal fusion surgery, you should prepare your home for your post-operative condition. After a spinal fusion you will need to follow spinal fusion precautions called BLTs: no bending, no lifting, no twisting and no stooping/squatting. To comply with these precautions, you may need to make some changes to your home.

Home Assistance

What to Bring to the Hospital

Eating & Drinking Restrictions Before Surgery

Do not forget! The night prior to your surgery, DO NOT DRINK OR EAT ANYTHING AFTER MIDNIGHT.

It is suggested to eat light meals the day before surgery and make sure your bowels have been regular prior to surgery.